Belgacom TV Promotion :: Traffic Building and Sales Activation

  • Create a sales promotion to drive traffic in POS and generates sales of Belgacom TV product.
  • Create visibility and awareness around POS
  • Select dates according to POS feedback
  • Build in data acquisition through an incentive
  • Create a personalised and friendly approach to customers
  • Create temporary visibility in POS during promotion
  • Create a leaflet with product information and a tear-off data acquisition form (build traffic)
  • Create welcome packs
  • Create a game/competition to win an I-pod (profiling data)
  • Allow for several winners per day to be announced every 2 hours on a poster in the POS window display
  • Set-up a lap-top in POS for immediate data capture (with bar-code)
  • Ensure this additional traffic can be handled by POS staff

 :: Traffic Building and Sales Activation
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