Danone Activia Sampling Mission :: Sampling

  • To sample the whole Activia range including Activia Drinks (450,000)
  • Launch a specific Activia Drinks sampling (20,000) in the main Total
    Petrol Stations in early August 08
  • Kick-start the actual sampling of the 500,000 Activia range from
    September through to end November 08.
  • To approach young professionals in the appropriate lifestyle
  • To be qualitative in the visibility of the actions (the Activia “moment”)
  • To tie in with the theme of the current Above-the-Line campaign
  • To remain within a “reasonable” sampling budget (optimize cost-
  • Meet young professionals on their way to work, at work and during their leisure time.
  • Create a modular branded infrastructure that can work in different sized locations (from massive to small)
  • Create a controlled logistics environment to keep the product at the
    right temperature at all times (in order to be sampled in the right
    conditions) :
    • Warehousing
    • Deliveries to the sampling locations
    • Storage during sampling actions
  • Negotiate the creation of Activia “Moments” in:
    • TOTAL petrol stations (prime locations on motorways to
      optimize Summer holiday traffic)
    • The top-10 Railway stations (reach customers on their way to
    • At work (reach a selection of companies with high presence of
      the main target audience and with PR potential)
    • the top-10 Shopping Centres in Belgium
  • Create and produce all branded equipment
  • Daily management of staff recruitment, briefing and reporting
    recruited according to strict guidelines

 :: Sampling
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