Merchandising and PLV placement

Randstad Permanent Merchandising Services :: Merchandising and PLV placement

  • Manage and supervise event equipment stock
  • Coordinate merchandising requirements of this equipment at events
  • Organise and implement brand visibility in 2 types of locations:
    • Internal: Ranstad agencies (panels)
    • External: promotional events (window stickers and posters)
  • Create and manage an extranet management system (real-time stock control, project supervision and tracking, etc)
  • Create an extranet management system, which links project order forms to stock system.
  • Plan logistics and staff immediately after order has been placed
  • Brief merchandising staff
  • Provide solutions for ad hoc equipment required
  • Provide advice on sourcing appropriate equipment suitable to mobile and frequent usage.
  • Coordinate post-event or project feedback for immediate update in management system.
  • Coordinate full debriefing, complete with pictures of event or venue

 :: Merchandising and PLV placement
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