National Lottery : National Window Stickering :: Communication Merchandising

  • Install window stickers in a selection of newsagents in Belgium
    (frames and several elements to be adapted to newsagents’ window display possibilities)
  • Ensure a rigorous compliance to objectives, procedures and briefing
  • Recruit staff and keep a regular team (loyal and skilled)
  • Coordinate material logistics (stocks and routings)
  • Create an appropriate briefing for the merchandisers.
  • Real-time supervision of routings (weather conditions)
  • Implement a strict debriefing and reporting procedure
  • Create 3 initial waves, which will act as benchmarks to build realistic monthly routings for the rest of the contract duration:
    • allows to estimate the number of visits required (POS closed)
    • allows to estimate negotiating time with newsagent
    • allows to estimate the loss of time due to weather conditions
    • allows to estimate the number of repeat visits due to vandalism or damage.

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