Philips Merchandising ::

  • Manage and supervise products stock
  • Organise and manage POS and product databases (POS across all of Belgium)
  • Recruit, manage, brief and supervise experienced merchandisers
  • Organise and coordinate routings according to POS and product databases
  • Coordinate product delivery and placement to all POS with relevant material within tight deadline
  • Provide detailed reports with photos for each POS
  • Prepare necessary resources for warehousing and logistics
  • Ensure proper database management resources
  • Organise, check and match POS and product databases
  • Organise routings in districts (according to number of POS per region)
  • Dedicate a fixed merchandiser for each district.
  • Recruit, brief and supervise merchandisers
  • Avoid renting vehicles to reduce costs
  • Ensure all logistics procedures are secured.
  • Ensure all reporting procedures are secured (reporting documents and photos procedures)
  • Organise checks in situ on the first day for each merchandiser
  • Ensure a proper supervision of merchandisers (detailed time-sheets) and personalized daily reports
  • provide daily client feedback
  • Coordinate full debriefing, complete with photos

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